Free milk with Facebook offers How To Get Free Milk With Facebook Offers

Hi, Everyone:

In the last Newsletter you’ve learned How To Get Free Soy Milk  from your local Dollar Tree Store. These stores operate in all 48 contiguous states, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find them in your area. However, keep in mind that different Dollar Tree stores have a slightly different numbers of brand items.

If you have more than one Dollar Tree Store in your area, take the time to compare at least two of them. You will be surprised by the degree of diversity of merchandise they carry.

In my area, I have three Dollar Tree stores and only two of them care West Soy Milk.
Also, if you cannot find this milk on the shelves, ask one of the store clerks. They may have not noticed that the milk is no longer on the shelf and have not restocked it.

Now let’s talk about another way of getting milk for free.

Most likely, you already have an account on Facebook. I would like to remind that you can use your Facebook account not only for communicating with your friends but for keeping in touch with the companies that sell your favorite brands. All of them have their Facebook pages.

At the end of this letter, you will find a partial list of companies that periodically offer milk coupons from their Facebook pages. Become their fan and get valuable offers..

For example, a couples of day ago the Rice Dream offered $2 off coupons on their Facebook page. I printed 2 coupons, and got 2 quart of Rice drinks from my local Walmart store, for FREE.

I got it not only free, but Walmart pays me 15 cents to take it home.

You see, according to Walmart’s coupon policy, if the coupon value exceeds the value of the product’s price, they pay the overage to the customer.

I bought Rice Drink Enriched: $1.97 and Rice Drink Organic Classic: $1.88 and I had two Facebook coupons for $2 each.

Rice Dream Coupon
Free Rice Drink

The difference between the coupons value and price of the milk was 0.15 cents, so the cashier returned the difference to me. You can say, that Walmart paid me to take my free milk home:)

take free milk  and get paid

Rice Drink is a delicious substitute for real milk. It is especially important for people with food allergies. When I use it on my cereal, I can hardly tell the difference from the 2% milk.
It is light, tasty, naturally sweet, and contains 2% calcium. I’m just happy that there are so many alternatives to cow’s milk on the market.

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Some Facebook Pages That Offer Milk Coupons.

Choose your favorite brand and like their page in order to receive future offers.

Dreamnondairy |   Almondbreeze |   Horizon |   Lactaid |

OrganicValley  |    Overthemoonmilks  |    8thcontinentsoymilk

SilkUS   |    Sodeliciousdairyfree   |    LandOLakes

Milk Coupons Offered From Branded Websites:

Horizondairy Coupons | Silk Coupons | Trumoo Coupons

Stonyfield Coupons | Smartbalance Coupons | Landolakes Coupons

8thcontinent Coupons | Almondbreeze | Sodeliciousdairyfree

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