Free Milk From Pharmacy Chains How To Get Free Milk From Pharmacy Chains

So far, we already know how to leverage the power of coupons to get Free Milk.
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However, there are a lot more exciting tips for getting free groceries, including milk. Let’s talk about the Pharmacy Chains, such as RiteAid and CVS. They offer additional resources to help their customers to save money. Use this opportunity wisely, and you will never pay for milk again.

Pharmacy customers have the opportunity to combine the power of manufacturer coupons with excellent customer loyalty programs. For example, Riteaid has the Wellness Plus loyalty program, but you have to have a Wellness Plus card to enjoy the savings.

Here is what it looks like:

Wellness Plus

With this card you will be able to accumulate +UP Rewards.

Instead of a long explanation, I will show you a real life example how the Wellness Plus card and Up Rewards program can help you to get free milk from RiteAid.

Last week there was a sale listed in the weekly ad such as this one below:This sale was for the Bic Razor for $2.99

In Red, you see it says $2.00 +Up Rewards. It means, that when you buy one razor, it will produce a $2.00 +Up Reward.

Here is what it looks like:

Up Reward

Ok, the trick is that you don’t have to pay for these razors with your own money. You can pay for them  with coupons and also  get the +Up Rewards.

And, this is exactly what I did!

I purchased 3 razors and paid for them with the 3 manufacture coupons I had. Each coupon had a value of $3.00 off and the razors were only $2.99 each.



Therefore the razors were actually free for me, I just paid the sales tax. But the best part is that I still received $6.00 in +UP rewards! (3 x 2UP rewards = 6 Up rewards)

6 Up rewards

I actually used the value of the Bic razor coupons to get the razors for free and at the same time being rewarded with $6.00 in +Up Rewards. Now I can pay for milk with the Up Rewards and all of this cost me nothing but the sales tax for the razors.

free milk

Using the same idea you can get free milk from CVS Pharmacy. They have a program similar to RiteAid, only instead of being called +Up Rewards, their program uses EBC (Extra Bucks Card).

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