Free Milk With Stores Promotions How To Get Free Milk With Stores Promotions

Now I am going to share with you a fifth way of getting milk for free. From time to time, many grocery and retail stores run this great promotion: “When you purchase a select group of participating items, you will also get a FREE Gallon of Milk.”

There is usually no limit to how many times you can get a free gallon of milk as long as you purchase the select group of items. Since many of us need to purchase at least one gallon of milk with every trip to the grocery store, this can be a great promotion to tie into. So, always pay attention to the promotions your local stores are offering.

Below are a couple of examples of how the “Free Milk” ads may look:

First Example:
“Get a free gallon of milk when you purchase 4 of your favorite breakfast items.
Buy 4 participating Kellogg’s, General Mills, Post, Quaker, Kashi or Cascadian Farms items and you’ll get 1 free gallon of milk or a 1/2 gallon of organic milk. Items must be purchased in the same transaction. No limit.”

free milk when buy breakfast items

Here is an example of a deal:

Kashi Organic Cereal on sale $2.75

free milk cashi

Use $1/1 coupon

free milk cashi coupon

$1.75+ FREE milk when you buy 4

When you have the opportunity to combine coupons with the sale, you not only get free milk, but you can also apply any value differences towards the rest of your groceries.

Whatever milk you buy if you have a matched coupon for the milk, then you may apply the value of coupon towards the rest of your groceries

Below are three additional examples of ads offering free milk”

“Get a free gallon of milk when you buy four participating General Mills items.”

free milk kroger
free milk General Mills

“Receive One Gallon of Milk or a half-Gallon of Organic Milk, Free when you buy 4 participating Quaker items.”


You may think that these promotions are scarce, but they actually run pretty often. Combine them with the other ways of getting milk for free, and you will be fine.

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